Traffic Control Solution

Background of the project

Video integrated platform plays an important role in traffic management and traffic command center, it shoulders the region’s daily important mission such as traffic monitoring, command and dispatch, information services and emergency maintenance decision-making.Traffic management video integrated platform system brings together a variety of information (Such as: video monitoring, “three-in-one” alarm, GPS mobile target monitoring, etc.), video wall display terminal should respond to the overall situation of traffic events in time, to command the whole area of police, use traffic information collection, traffic guidance and traffic signal control system to match perfectly, to effectively control the regional traffic flow, optimize the distribution of road network traffic, Improve the efficiency of road traffic from the spatial and temporal distribution of balanced traffic flow.
Traffic management video integrated platform established a the overall operation of the system includes data collection, integration, analysis, statistics, processing and decision-making, scheduling to improve the comprehensive processing capacity ,transmission capacity and rapid response capability of various information, , to achieve Cross-regional information sharing and exchange, offer a comprehensive precise information and data for traffic conditions, monitoring information, control and deployment, and through the planned command and dispatch and integrated communications support to achieve rapid deployment of police to protect the emergency situation Of the traffic operation. So that managers at all levels, policy makers can make strategy in time, to grasp the most intuitive first-hand information, strengthen scientific management, improve the efficiency of daily office and save a lot of money.

Application requirements

Traffic management video integrated platform use the most advanced modern communications, multimedia networks, computers, automation and other theories and new technologies, use GIS geographic information system as a support, the communication system as a link, integrated the overall management information system, video monitoring system, Scheduling system and other organic composition as a whole, make full use of the system’s performance.

Multi – service system signal access
Traffic command center includes road video monitoring system, traffic management system, traffic signal control system, on-site law enforcement system and GIS map information and other signals. Through the traffic management video platform to access all business signals, this platform can display and analysis a variety of video signals, important parts of the signal and a variety of computer graphics information at any time, it can intuitive, complete, accurate, clear and flexible display information from all aspects.

GIS platform information push display
in GIS Intelligent Traffic Management System can be used in many application control platform System. Integrated the operation and control of each subsystem into this platform graphically. Using professional graphics workstation to achieve ultra-high resolution video wall display. Traffic management platform need support multi-channel 4K signal splicing access, to achieve lossless processing and push display.

Local and remote signal recording and playback
It is required that all the signals of audio,video, and alarm in the local side can be connected to the command center through the network. to achieve the functions as: display front-end video images through network, video source storage, playback, PTZ control and others; It is required any authorized client can enjoy the function like remote monitor, video source storage, playback, PTZ control and so on of the local network through the network platform, and realize the rights management. At the same time, the playback function is needed, which can be retrieved quickly and accurately according to the recording time, video channel and video mode. Call to play the required video data in time and quickly.

Decentralized, hierarchical, hierarchical management
With the increase of scale, the expansion of the multi-service system signal source number, customer’s demand for control mode is also changing, a large system needs a user-friendly interface, requiring a sub-regional,sub-rights management, and collaborative work office.

Project solutions

Digital video synthesis platform to achieve full-screen high-definition display, and through the dedicated control software, the user can get the graphic information, video information, video recording, data processing and other information and this information can be displayed on the video wall as well. The whole system realized the unified display function of the multi-channel signal, thus it developed a perfect display system solution for the complex application. Thevideo wall display system integrate the hardware splicing technology, image processing technology, signal switching technology perfectly, forming a high-level integrated display control system.

Project solution characteristics

Multi Source Signal Input
The construction of traffic command center is facing a requirement of multi-type signals input and output, such as the front hd network camera, the SDI camera, the RGB signals, Video (BNC) signals, YPbPr signals, S – Video signals, DVI signals and HDMI signals. Tricolor digital video integrated platform’s interface with a abundant signals to meet the requirements of the command center signals access. In order to meet the requirements of long distance transmission, our equipment provide twisted pair cable and fiber input/output boards. At same times, our digital video integrated platform can use a variety of ways input with security industry standards, like SDK, RTSP front access,GB/T – 28181 to do the input system management with the original DVR, NVR system, DVS system, IP SAN system, simulation CVBS Camera system, hd SDI Camera system and IP Camera system.

Ultra GIS / PGIS push application
Video synthesis platform hardware support direct acquisition and processing for ultra-high-definition 4K signals, to meet the ultra-high GIS / PGIS information push applications directly, display effect is the best and easy to operate. Rebuild the real battlefield video information for the combat command.

Storage and Backup
The system adopts the NVR and IP SAN storage structure, effectively ensure the video store, for some important channel video and alarm video using centralized backup storage. All videos store at different level monitor centers and at roots level monitoring command center,the storage video quality meet 1080 p (1920 * 1080) standards.

Search and Playback
The system provide functions such as historical video searching, playback and download with specified channel and time index. The payback function includes normal play, slow play and quick play and image capture,etc. In order to meet the need of quick calling , system provide a quick lookup funciton with video slice. The video play back function could be used on the customers’ playback software and also could diretctly displayed on screen with only used hardware platform. The displayed signal sources could be real -time video soucre or historical video without any more decoding devices used. The playback video required to be 1080p(1920*1080).

Multi-user rights management
The system provide multi strengths to ensure the users’ information security, include identity authentication control, certifiction of device control, storage encrytion, software licensing control and the system also can provide a intime right distribution in order to meet the real requirements. The users rights include the right to device operation,database access right and system operation right. The device/software operation right defined users rights to control functional devices and operation scopes based on their position. Users could have different priority levels, system based on the priority level to solve device access conflict. Different priority levels user will be ordered from high level users to low level users. The users with same priority level will order follow the first come first solve rule.

High reliability, high stability, high flexibility
The system adopts advanced pure hardware technology and system structure, improve the system reliability and security; provide redundant configuration, with module design, with expansibility; support card hot-swappable, reduce the impact of failure. Using a unified control management system, can be operated more flexible, while supporting the corresponding iPad, Surface and other Tablet PCs.