Public Security Solutions

Background of the project

With the comprehensive development of economy and society, big data age’s coming, the scope of public security business is also expanding; single, one-side data information has been unable to meet the needs of public security system office. As a management departments of law and order maintenance and traffic , it must cover the entire area of video monitoring information, and to ensure that the video information can monitor, call, manage in real-time. The overall operation of the command center has a direct impact on the smooth development of urban traffic and social security management.

According to the needs of the public security organs: “the overall operation, rapid response, dynamic management and scientific decision”, we integrate the cloud data storage, image processing, visual display, big data integration, human-computer interaction control, intelligent operation and other technical means, forming a platform for the public security traffic command center. “To grasp the overall situation, forecast trends, accurate judgment” to provide strong support for the security system , improve anti-terrorism, emergency Disposal and other capabilities.

Application requirements

Public Security Traffic Command Center relies on a number of business departments and a number of professional branches with the linkage, scientific integration of street police, enhance the ability to control comprehensively, combat all kinds of criminal activities effectively , rapidly deal with emergencies, maintaining social stability.

The public security-traffic command center faces the complex and changeable police affairs everyday, event handling with the multi-coordination, comprehensive coordination of command; all of these need to improve unified deployment of their air defense, physical defense, technical defense, to make sure the Safety for city.

  • Analog monitoring system, network monitoring system mixed application
  • Police scattered is difficult to rational deploy, coordination and management effectiveness, can not be guaranteed
  • Traditional video calls are cumbersome
  • The system can not cooperate with each other In the face of complex and volatile events
  • Police dispatch is not flexible, low efficiency
  • Police resource types and distribution can not be quickly grasped, low efficiency

Project solutions

Public security traffic visualization command center system consists of Athena video synthesis platform hardware, Athena video synthesis platform software, video matrix, RGB matrix and other ancillary peripherals. Public security traffic visualization command center system uses the latest generation of pure hardware IP decoding technology, all equipment are modular design, with good stability, reliability, security, and have a good expansion capability for display signal Numbers.

The high-definition intelligent command and dispatching platform of the public security is based on the Athenian video integrated platform display system, the PGIS system, the GPS system, “three-in-one” system are connected with public security system. Forming an efficient, flexible. “map on the way of operation” linkage command.

Solution characteristics

High reliability, high stability, high flexibility
The system adopts advanced pure hardware technology and system structure, improve the system reliability and security; provide redundant configuration, with module design, with expansibility; support card hot-swappable, reduce the impact of failure. Using a unified control management system, can be operated more flexible, while supporting the corresponding iPad, Surface and other Tablet PCs.

Signal seamless real-time switching
Video synthesis platform video wall processor based on FPGA pure hardware architecture and CrossPoint bus processing technology, the chip can play to the optimal performance, to achieve the high-definition signal seamless switch in the true sense .

High score GIS / PGIS push application
Video synthesis platform hardware support direct acquisition and processing for ultra-high-definition 4K signals, to meet the ultra-high GIS / PGIS information push applications directly, display effect is the best and easy to operate.

High compatibility
Support analog monitoring system, network video monitoring system unified access management, with high video system compatibility. At the same time using one-stop operation, do the corresponding operation directly, video information call management is also convenient. At the same time compatible with third-party platform.

Flexible expansion and control, safe physical isolation
Based on the distributed architecture of Poseidon, the signal can be physically isolated through the signal encoder, can achieve the direct control of the signal source or the back-end passive reception (no control). The whole system is easy to upgrade in the later stage,only need to increase the corresponding input and output nodes. For each sub-information command center, just add the appropriate equipment (Athena video integrated platform, dual network encoder, decoder, visual terminal) can achieve sharing and linkage between system and its resources .

Project cases

A police station monitoring command center combines 110 alarm system, electronic sandbox real-time dynamic system, consultation decision system, intelligence analysis system, video monitoring system and other systems, the system uses 2 * 4 fusion system and Poseidon visual control system, to make intelligence monitoring command center as a decision-making role, while based on the Poseidon distributed architecture, through sharing resources arbitrarily push for the entire public security network , to achieve a new command center intelligent management and mobile command tour, offsite office, Network will sign and other functions.