Media industry solutions

Background of the project

With the rapid development of network technology, the rapid rise of Internet media, the traditional news media meet the new opportunities, and faces new challenges as well. Newspaper industry as a representative of the traditional media, after a long period of development, the accumulation of content advantages, brand advantage and credibility advantages,in the new public opinion environment,needs learning Internet thinking, to create a sound ” Framework to improve the efficiency of news editing, optimize the content of the production process, and actively explore the media integration, build a “full media editorial department” to ensure Internet age to continue to have the ability to guide and level public opinion, occupies ideological propaganda main front.

Application requirements

A full-media audio and video control system is a wide range of business, including video conferencing systems, video wall control system , Audio processing system, projection fusion system, centralized control system. The system needs to inter-operate the sub-systems, centralized control, improve the coordination ability of each subsystem, complete the function of signal switching, display and record between sub-systems, to realize the information exchange smoothly, push the image accurately, organize the effective target.

Project solutions

This project is aimed at the full media center control room, the video wall on first floor and the room monitoring room for full media network construction, an in-depth analysis to the customer’s existing business needs and long-term planning , and to the project site to understand Field situation many times, we developed a set based on Poseidon distributed cloud system hardware and software integration solutions. All the local audio and video signals through the input node the system program will be processed by network, compatible with front-end network camera equipment, to make storage plans according to the needs; set of LCD splicing display, integrate LED splicing display and projection fusion display function in one, to manage all equipment through software ; support for tablet computer visual control, “WYSIWYG” mode of operation greatly improved the user experience.

Solution characteristics

Single device controls multiple sets of video walls
The system uses Resolution Real-time Total Adaptation, a single device can control multiple sets of LED / LCD / DLP video walls, each group video walls independently display, support different output resolution, make sure display effects while saving the user’s project budget.

Wireless iPad control function makes the system more flexible, the user can use the Pad or real-touch machine view all the signal source of the dynamic images and contents echo on the wall, support to retrieve and save presets, Drag the preview area signal to the video wall, two-pin kneading can change the window size.

The topology is automatically generated
The system has the topology automatic generation function, the equipment connection situation at a glance, select the equipment after its configuration and operation, to avoid using multiple f control software to control the different equipment and takes inconvenience to the user.