Vmars™ Edge Blending System


VMARS edge blend system is a new generation product of science and technology developed by Tricolor. It is based on pure hardware FPGA architectures, specifically for the integration of various types of scenarios projection, to complete the flat or curved, spherical, cylindrical, surface and other large-scale, ultra-high definition, distortion-free projection systems. It is the most competitive professional projection systems integration on the market currently

Perfect Image

After many years of professional experience in product optimization fusion algorithm, multiple camera software automatically sampling and analysis debug mode, which greatly enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of equipment debugging compared to the traditional manual debug mode, you can make the final projection screen exactly accurate, it has reached to the domestic and world-class display. Equipment can not only solve the problem of chromatic aberration between the projectors, it can also eliminate light leakage caused by fusion with a bright spot, suitable for a variety of edge blend system design.

4K Projection

Various device model can support at all levels resolution edge blending, maximum to 4K resolution UHD (3840 x2160) engineering projection. It have ultra resolution images matching 4k signal acquisition interface, is currently the strongest edge blend devices of 4K pure hardware project on the market.

Powerful Geometric Correction

According to the designer’s creative demand for display, VMARS implemented geometric wrap on a variety of non-standard shapes projection screen such as flat, curved, spherical, folding surface. No image distortion after the correction, the transition is smooth and natural.

Stable System Architecture

Using FPGA pure hardware design architecture to make sure equipment operate stability, MTBF greater than 30,000 hours, no operating system, no crashes, viruses, blue screens and other problems, long-term in working condition, applicable to a 7 × 24 hours required by the workplace-based.

Convenient Installation

Support camera shooting semi-automatic debugging, enabling unattended automation of debugging, not only eliminates the error disturbance caused by human factors, and making the system easier to be built and more efficient.

Product Features


Core chip using 28nm FPGA devices, plug-in DDR3 cache, efficient real-time signal processing, the device operates stability, it can achieve 1080P, 2K, 4K picture processing without dropped frames.

Distributed Systems

The distributed architecture design, compared to a centralized device, more scalable system, the edge blend system can achieve up to 72 output channels currently, and can be even smoothly extended to a larger scale in the future.

Edge Feather

Up to 64 sets of edge blend optimized curve can be more suitable for the projector’s own color characteristics, to ensure that each color image can achieve a smooth transition.

Gamut Correction

Can be carried out by the edge blend system comes with automatic color correction for each color output adjusted independently to solve the problem of the projector color differences between individuals, easy to deal with the transformation of the old project.

Ultra-low latency

Terminal image delay no more than 32ms, the user operates have no significant feelings of delay. And it is available for virtual simulation and other integration projects with interactive operation.

Geometric Correction

It supports flat, curved, cylindrical, spherical projection screen and other types of geometric distortion correction, so that the image and cast area match perfectly.

Tone processing

System can fine-tune the overall tone of the original picture, change the color tone, and degree of the color tone, can easily adjust the screen color style.

Dark-field treatment

A unique dark-field leakage light processing technology can eliminate “band of light leakage” problem, it can smooth the dark- filed screen, regardless of the screen is bright or dark can be perfect presented.

Automatic commissioning

Color adjustment using Canon professional camera to sample the color, the camera automatically debugging, debugging results will not be affected by human operation.

Open window

System supports to open windows, which applied in conference and production monitoring which need to open the window.


Support channel OSD function enables customized the information superimposed on the window for easy identification of signal source type.

Preset retrieval

The system has preset scene recall function, use the management software, control, tablet, mobile phones and other stored quick call window and good layo

The integrated control

System provides an open control protocol documentation and technical support, can be achieved with various types of control system integration design, and easy foe user-friendly integrated management.

Signal Preview

It can preview all signal source screen from the control terminal, let the projector screen region echo to the software to facilitate the personnel management.

Cutting screen

Color adjustment using Canon professional camera to sample the color, the camera automatically debugging, debugging results will not be affected by human operation.