SmartKake – Creative Multi-Display Processor


SmartKake is a brand new creative multi display processor introduced by Tricolor® which focused on retail and exhibition display market. One single SmartKake supports one 4K signal capturing and 4 Full-HD outputs.

  • Input available in HDMI 4K UHD
  • Four HDMI Signal Output With Full HD Resolution
  • Flexible Displays Layout
  • Each Output Can Be Rotated or Mirrored Independently
  • EDID Management Allows Nonstandard Input Resolution
  • Bezel Compensation and Overlap Creation For Edge Blending
  • Multiple Device Cascading Supports Larger System

Flexible Layout

Each output of SmartKake™ can be mirrored or rotated on 90°, 180°, 270°, which breaks the tradition M*N video wall layout. With SmartKake™, you can design you multi display system in a more creative way with a mix of landscape and portrait monitors. The user friendly management software SmartKake™ will assist you create the layout with only a few easy steps.


Multiple SmartKakecan be using together as a cascading system, which supports video walls more than 4 monitors and allows the input resolution reaches much higher than 4K. Meanwhile, cascading provides frame locking between devices which ensures the perfect synchronization of video wall performance.

4K Ultra HD

With 4K Ultra-HD, which is four times of 1080p. This astonishing resolution brings spectacular vision to everyone. 4K signal format is available on SmartKake which offer customer more options when they are not satisfied with only Full-HD format.


Smartkake, video wall processor

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Smartkake Product Brochure (pdf) 2018-07-17