PW-8 Power controller


PW-8 power controller is the latest development of high-tech products. This product is designed for all kinds of multimedia central controller tailored, through the machine built-in address code, IT can cascading 255 power controller at the most.

Product Features

Control Method

Using the international common RS-232 control, can be compatible with Crestron, AMX, Lamar and other central control system or third-party control equipment

Power Supply

Machine built-in 220V power supply, no additional power supply

Linkage Function

Power interface has a normally open and normally closed end, and other control modules can do linkage function

Power off Protection

Power state to save, re-power recovery to power before the state

Multiple Cascade

Built-in RS-232 input and output interface, easy to connect more than one power controller

Software Control

C software control, the first device have information access function