Poseidon™ Solution


Poseidon cloud system is a combination of the most advanced video processing and network technology, is widely used in various fields can be customized according to user needs, a set of display and control as one of the solutions. Poseidon cloud systems on the market is different from ordinary pure distributed nodal system developed idea is to develop customized applications and user experience from the industry point of view, not only retains the simulation, the traditional massive demand for digital signal acquisition, but also easy access the network signal, the system through the network for all devices integrated into a single platform, the display, transmission, storage, control becomes easy

Distributed Network Architecture

Poseidon cloud system uses distributed architecture, all nodes are interconnected through the switch, the switch is responsible for data input to the transmission output. From the fundamental solution to the traditional scheme of signal noise, attenuation of long-distance transmission, signal degradation and other technical difficulties; distributed nodes of the hardware and software design, making the system performance and system stability are greatly improved.

Mixed signal access

Poseidon cloud system supports hybrid access a variety of sources, source types can cover almost all types currently on the market. Both support local non-IP signal source access, and support for IP signaling network access.

Patented synchronization technology

It has patented synchronization technology splicing screen splicing synchronizing instruction through the backplane fast transfer to the respective processing units, and small delay (10us), to ensure that the output frame synchronization; resolves between LCD, DLP splicing screen progressive scan mode triggered by the “row sync “, ” movement dislocation ” and ” jelly effect “problem.

KVM-based network

KVM matrix based network using a mouse and keyboard to control multiple computers, network isolation respond to different occasions, and can effectively save desktop space. People can simultaneously access a computer system management, coordinated operation scheduling.

Ultra-high resolution image display

All kinds of ultra-high-business systems such as geographic information systems GIS, power monitoring system SCADA, traffic scheduling system SIG, etc. more and more references to the video system, the system needs to support 4K, ultra-high-definition image transmission display. Poseidon splicing system supports multiple 4K signal input splicing larger resolution (12K, 16K, etc.) signal display for ultra-high resolution performance of business software point display on the big screen.

The control management

Poseidon cloud system integrates the traditional central control functions through the touch interface directly within the context of the lights, curtains, etc. directly to the volume control. Eliminating the need for users to switch back and forth in a complicated multiple sets of software process and improving the integration of the system.

Recording and broadcasting functions

Poseidon cloud system itself features integrated recording and broadcasting, splicing control in achieving the same time, can the audio and video synchronized recording integration, for customers to achieve low bit rate, saving of the recording, playback and recording and broadcasting management.

Visualization control terminal

Large-screen display wireless content publishing, users can log in through a wireless network, watch the large screen display with a computer or handheld devices. With a finger drag and drop onto the big screen the source region from the list and perform windowing, simple, friendly man-machine interface. Applies to customers visiting leaders to visit, command and decision-making and other occasions.

Multi-user rights management

Poseidon cloud systems can support multiple users simultaneously log in, which is a super administrator can assign different permissions for other users, ensuring safety management. Multi-user can switch the image large screen display in their own authority, calling the display, enabling multiple operators to control the system simultaneously in different locations, greatly improving the operational control convenience.