Mobius™ LED VW Processor


Mobius is a professional LED Video wall processor is designed by Tricolor for small spacing LED, which brings the perfect display effect of the LED big screen.

LED Irregular stitching

Mobius video wall Processor devoted to the settings for irregular LED large-screen display, the user can set the splicing arbitrarily the effective display area of each single LED, which greatly reducing the operational complexity.

Extreme Scale

Mobius processor adopted optimization which combined the bilinear interpolation and geometric average to ensure the image is compressed still retain high-definition.

Frame synchronization

Mobius processor uses a unique frame synchronization technology to ensure that all image output port fully synchronized, the picture is complete and smooth, and without tearing.

4K Ultra-HD

Mobius support input and output includes DL-DVI, HDMI 1.4 and DP 4K signal, etc., to achieve a larger resolution image wall, and to achieve a more shocking display. Nvidia Mosaic can be perfectly compatible with AMD Eyefinity technology, GIS, SCADA and other super-resolution visualization of data can also be achieved.

Product Features

Signal Preview

On the wall signal preview in advance to ensure that customers show content foolproof


Fonts/color/size/position of the signal source on the video wall can be edited.
Clearly handle all the signals, know the whole situations when you see.

Image Cropping

Cropping any source in any position on the display,
it can meet the user needs for observing the highlighted video in key areas.

Preset management

Personalized deploy plan.
Flexible and rapid retrieval, strengthen customer management needs.

Multi-screen group saved

Single device supports up to four groups with different resolution videowall
which brings customers high cost-effective and flexible way to show

Seamless handover

Millisecond signal switch and retrieval.
Real full field signal switch experience without black.