FiO Chun is the latest in science and technology KVM multi-screen controller, which creatively and Quad KVM features together. FiO suitable for a user to control multiple computers scene, not only with a keyboard, mouse, monitor, control four computers, easy and intuitive way to switch between different computers to each other, and can simultaneously display four screens in a display screen any layout and easily control one computer while monitoring other computer screen. FiO supports up to five cascaded, that you can use a single keyboard and mouse to control up to 20 computers. FiO by OSD provides a visual user interface, which can easily adjust the size and position of the window, the switching is controlled remote computers. FiO support for touch screen operation, moving finger that is able to control multiple computers, giving users an excellent intuitive operating experience.

Set of peripherals, four computers

FiO-4H through a mouse, keyboard and monitor control four computers, simple and convenient; sharing headphones, a microphone, U disk, cameras, printers, scanners and other peripherals rich, cost savings.

It supports up to five cascaded

FiO-4H supports up to five cascaded, you can use a single keyboard and mouse to control up to 20 computers to meet user demand for more computer-controlled.

It supports quad split screen

FiO-4H can simultaneously display four remote PC’s screen on a single display, user-friendly four overall computer monitor; it can be adjusted to four picture size and position, support PIP; the flexibility to switch a single screen full screen and a four-screen display, single-screen full-screen display can facilitate control of specific remote computer.

Built-in speaker, audio and video synchronization

FiO-4H has two built-in speakers, play sounds easy, but it also has two standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a microphone jack, you can add speakers and microphone. FiO-4H supports audio through HDMI cable and separate audio cable transmission, the audio delay is less than 170ms, ensure audio synchronization.

Low-latency high-security

FiO video, mouse, keyboard and other audio and video signal transmission cable, not IP-based, non-coding and decoding, the control end only at the receiving end loading a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to the video and control signals surpassed latency , no sense of transmission. FiO audio and video, audio and control signals through the direct transmission of video and USB cables, protect the security of data transmission.

Product Features

Performance Support

Support HDMI and DVI inputs and outputs, lower resolution of 1920 * 1200 @ 60Hz is backward compatible

Touch display

Support for touch screen operation, more direct and more intuitive to operate and control the picture

Personalized Applications

Display options, crop the image, scene preservation is configured via the control software easily

Remote control

HOOK notebook mouse and keyboard control the remote computer simulation software