Athena™ Security Platform


Athena integrated platform for digital video security platform for the security monitoring, which combines the advantages of company resources, and monitoring system applications, providing complete system solutions to meet the real needs of security monitoring center, to enhance the image rendering efficiency of the traditional security monitoring center. Platform supports mixed input analog / digital, HD / SD, IP video streaming and other multi-format video mixed input, and combines the video access, video storage, real-time browsing, pre-monitoring echo, user authentication, TV wall mosaic management, equipment management, the control management, log management, alarm management, GIS ultrahigh push, visualization applications and other functions in one, along with the advanced technology, performance, stability, good compatibility, easy operation and other advantages, to meet a variety of applications for large and medium security video surveillance, and the Athena can be widely used in public security, transport, electricity, energy, building and other industries.

The new application model

Platform integrates a video decoder, matrix switching and splicing in one. A single device has decoder, matrix and VWP functions, reducing the construction costs.

Excellent display control

It can achieve the access Management and on-screen display of all sources, any signal source can be implemented to open the window in large-screen wall in any size and in any position, and can realize any window across the screen, roaming, overlay, PIP display.

Powerful decoding capability

The largest single support 256 channels to decode 1080P simultaneously, or 521 channels to decode 720P simultaneously, or 1152-channels D1 decoding simultaneously.

Flexible brands are compatible

RTSP can be used front-end access to platform, GB / T-28181 security industry standards and other means to complete access Management of the original DVR system, NVR system, DVS system, IP-SAN system, analog CVBS camera system, HD SDI digital video camera system, IP Camera system.

Multi-signal hybrid access

It supports hybrid multiple signals access, supports SD, HD, analog, digital, compressed and uncompressed video and other mixed display, can cover almost all of the signal source type on the market.

Ultra GIS Push

Ultra-high-resolution moving image of GIS, GPS, SCADA, SIG and other professional applications complete and real-time display on the wall, support for multiple ultra-high resolution images simultaneously display and window superimposed.

Recording and broadcasting functions

Platform itself integrated taped function, while in achieving splicing control, at the same time, you can record the audio and video synchronously, to achieve low bit rate, saving of the recording, playback and recording and broadcasting management for customers.

Intelligent alarm linkage

It supports multiple alarm sources access, including motion detection, video blind, video loss, alarm input and other means of alarm. Receiving warning alarm information sent from the source, according to police disposal policy, distributes to the appropriate alarm system, equipment for processing.

Efficient data storage

Support multiple network cameras extensions, a single device supports 100 high definition cameras forwarding capability, 60-way HD storage capacity, supports multiple RAID data security mechanisms to support hot spare disks, thus enables the system more stable.

CrossMedia control terminal

CrossMedia visualization applications support multi-touch for source intuitive through the Tablet PC signal, a friendly interactive interface. With a finger drag and drop onto the big screen, the source region from the list and can perform windowing.

Multi-user rights management

Support multiple users log in simultaneously, a super administrator can assign different permissions for other users, ensuring safety management. Multi-users can switch the image, calling the display on the large screen display in their own authority, enabling multiple operators to control the system simultaneously in different locations, greatly improving the operational control convenience.

Comprehensive certification

With 3C, CB, CE, FCC, ROHS, Ministry of Public Security testing and certification, and other business qualification; with the original software copyrights and copyright registration certificate in completely independent intellectual property rights.