Energy industry solutions

Background of the project

Energy is an important material basis for the national economy and the driving force of human beings’ various economic activities. With the continuous development of science and technology, all kinds of modern power machinery , has been widely used in the production and life. This development of social productivity has also contributed to the transformation of major energy sources, from the original manpower, animal power, water to later wood, coal, and then to oil, natural gas, has been developed to today’s nuclear energy, solar energy and a variety of new energy. This change in energy use is based on the continuous improvement of energy extraction, processing, conversion and transportation technologies. And the continuous development of this series of technology linked to the formation of today’s society, which is the most important and most basic industrial – energy industry. It can be said that the continuous improvement of the level of human social productivity requires the continuous development of energy industry as a guarantee.

Application requirements

Oil and petrochemical industry, is a kind of upstream and downstream relations, close industrial chain, covering oil and gas exploration, oil field production, oil refining, oil and gas regulation, oil sales and other business, the business requirements interlocking, coordination Operation, but there is a big difference in the business information technology , which requires the formation of a unified display platform, comprehensive and effective control and coordination of the oil and petrochemical industry to make sure the normal production and operation.

Digital video wall display system is an important part of the construction of petroleum and petrochemical information, it can achieve real-time display of the entire value of oil and petrochemical and supply chain; to achieve the whole process of tracking, covering oil and gas exploration and mining, oil refining, Pipeline transportation, oil and gas sales and other business from production to sales; to achieve logistics, information flow, capital flow unified integration, and effectively enhance the oil and petrochemical industry operations management level.

As a comprehensive command and dispatch center of the oil and petrochemical industry , it is a wide range of business, a large number of signals, a wide range of distribution, coupled with the high risk of petroleum and petrochemical industry, so the display platform stability and versatility need a higher demand.

The characteristics of Petroleum and petrochemical industry: a wide range of signal sources, a long transmission distance
For the oil and petrochemical industry, a wide range of sources of a wide range of sources, a long transmission distance and so on.

Decoding streaming media signals in different network segments
In view of the characteristics of multi-zone and multi-network segment of petroleum and petrochemical industry, Tricolor technology can control multi-channel network interface, which can support the decoding streaming media signals in different network segments to meet the centralized display of multi-segment signal Claim.

Support multiple ultra-high resolution 4K signals
Oil and petrochemical industry business management system is complex, display information is large, security requirements is strict, Tricolor technology video wall display system to support multiple Ultra-high resolution 4K signal access and output, compatible with high-resolution oil system SCADA system and Process monitoring system and other large amount of information software display perfectly .

Project solutions

Poseidon image processing distributed system is a new generation of Ethernet-based distributed video wall control system, breaking the previous controller in the stability, expansibility, signal and and the transmission distance and other restrictions, but with high stability, Infinite expansion, good signal quality, transmission distance and other advantages. The distributed structure improves the overall stability of the system, and the damage of a single node does not affect the functionality of the entire system, and provides the possibility of infinite expansion from the structure – simply by adding a corresponding number of nodes to the switch; The layout of the entire system more flexible, and other systems of convergence more convenient, and can be developed on the basis of many other aspects of the application.

Solution characteristics

High reliability, high stability, high flexibility
The system adopts advanced pure hardware technology and system structure, improve the system reliability and security; provide redundant configuration, with module design, with expansibility; support card hot-swappable, reduce the impact of failure. Using a unified control management system, can be operated more flexible, while supporting the corresponding iPad, Surface and other Tablet PCs.

High score SCADA application signal display
Tricolor technology integrated platform hardware support ultra-high-definition 4K signal direct acquisition and processing, to meet the ultra-high GIS / PGIS information directly push applications, display the best, and easy to operate.

High compatibility
Support analog monitoring system, network video monitoring system unified access management, with high video system compatibility. At the same time using one-stop operation, the corresponding direct operation, video information call management is also convenient. At the same time compatible with third-party platform access management.

Project cases

An oil and petrochemical building is located in Beijing, its construction and design must fully reflect the awareness of energy conservation. Beijing is a relatively scarce energy city, so the design should adopted advanced new technologies, new materials, intelligent and many other measures to reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, save the future operating costs of the owners, an Oil and petrochemical building construction has become the world’s advanced level of ecological office building. This building as a large office of the world’s largest office, in the design to achieve a high integration, high linkage, reached the international high standards of intelligence and high level as well, in the construction equipment automation, information automation, office automation, these Sub-level of intelligence are all based on the international leading standards. Put integration as the basis, to improve its compatibility, adopted all advantages, and also focus on joint control, and truly become intelligent headquarters building.

The video processing system provided by Tricolor technology , access to all the building all the video monitoring signal, the oil business integrated management platform signals and video conferencing signals respectively, so that in the display contents any zones on video walls, and provides a black field management. Tricolor technology products integrates its intelligent information as a whole.