City Planning Exhibition Hall

Background of the project

With the rapid development of China’s national economy, and the process of urbanization is accelerating, city planning attracts more and more attention by government managers, builders, investors and citizens. City planning exhibition hall as an important window to promote the image of the city and an important platform for foreign exchange, mainly for all-round, multi-angle to show the vicissitudes of city construction and city development and overall trends in the popularization of city and rural planning knowledge, the image of the city, to promote investment, to build the city education platform and other aspects have become increasingly prominent. It not only provides a strong support for the meticulous management of city planning, has become a bridge between government planning and community. It is also the most systematic, intuitive, vivid and quick way to understand, participate and supervise the development of the city.

City planning exhibition hall in the use of display panels, models and other traditional display ,more displays use large-screen splicing, profiled splicing display, multi-channel projection fusion, 3D projection fusion, virtual simulation and other modern sound and light technology into the display link, vivid reproduction The historical changes of the city, the three-dimensional blueprint for the future development of the city.

Application requirements

City planning exhibition hall is generally divided into the overall planning area, special planning area, historical exhibition area, cultural tourism area, publicity interactive area, the exhibition hall video display system includes a large Video wall splicing display system, projection fusion interactive sand table system, 3D projection fusion display System, virtual simulation system.

Ultra-high-definition city planning video wall display
Through the Video wall processor to collect a number of 4K ultra-high resolution signal which output by multiple graphics workstation,to splice into a whole picture, push to video wall groups to achieve picture linkage, full-view digital three-dimensional interactive presentation, show the status of city construction and planning.

3D Multi Channel Fusion Display
With the projection stereo fusion technology,Tricolor show the city’s history and culture in a new perspective and bring new fellings to all audiences.

Virtual Simulation Interactive Application
Based on the multi-channel projection virtual simulation technology, Tricolor display the plan results with virtual 3D siumlation system and GIS human-computer interaction system, to rebuild the plan’s actual results in city. With the virtual interaction, planning managers, designers, decision makers and users can have a better vison felling of the plan.

Project solutions

The planning display hall large screen display system consists of high-performance image processor, distributed fusion processing system and other components, all devices are pure hardware architecture, stable operation. The system has excellent image processing capability, support multi-channel 4K picture splicing, to achieve higher resolution large screen. Distributed fusion system can achieve flat screen, arc screen, ring screen, ball screen and other special screen fusion, proprietary for virtual simulation application of the cone algorithm to achieve the perfect simulation system simulation display. All the equipment are modular design, with good stability, reliability, security.

Solution characteristics

High reliability, high stability, high flexibility
The system adopts pure hardware advanced technology and system structure, improve the system reliability and security; provide redundant configuration, with module design, with scalability; support card hot swappable, reduce the impact of failure. Using a unified control management system, can be flexible operation, while supporting the corresponding iPad, Surface and other Tablet PC control operation.

Ultra-high resolution signal acquisition
The system supports DVI, HDMI, VGA, SDI and other common format signal acquisition, support Dual-Link DVI, HDMI1.4, Display Port interface, single-port support 4K ultra-high score acquisition, while supporting multi-channel 4K signal input splicing for greater resolution Rate (12K, 16K, etc.) signal splicing display.

Multi-group screen wall unified management
Multi-group display of large-screen system, including LCD splicing screen, LED splicing screen, projection fusion, etc. can be unified through a unified management equipment, multi-screen can be achieved screen linkage, multi-dimensional display.

Automatic camera correction technology
For the projection fusion display system, through the camera’s automatic sampling, correction, to achieve multiple projector color consistency digital correction, can only analyze the fusion band parameters, and ultimately achieve the perfect fusion display.

Distributed architecture, more large-scale, more convenient to maintain
Distributed fusion processing mechanism, node design, to achieve more large-scale applications. More easy to maintain, a node failure, does not affect the normal operation of other nodes, maintenance more convenient. Running more stable

Project cases

A planning hall is divided into three layers, through multimedia projection, sand table, LED screen technology and other comprehensive display of a city’s historical development, city construction, future planning. The entire planning hall to share the integration of 113 channels, including the oval floor, 360-degree ring screen, electric glass screen, 17-channel long curved screen and other different shapes of different materials curtain.

The construction of the exhibition area of Yue moving a 360-degree immersion theater, can be described as a bright spot. Which uses multiple graphics workstations to synchronize the playback of ultra-high resolution film source, the use of 32 projector projection screen screen, and 16 projector projection 360-degree ring screen, through the distributed fusion processing system to achieve seamless interface, Interconnection interaction. The overall picture smooth and beautiful, to the audience immersive feeling.