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Singapore Changi Airport’s Project : SmartKake l The Best Video Wall Solutions SmartKake is our creative display video wall processor. It is able to adapt irregular video wall layouts and has received very well feedback.     Recently, SmartKake has been deployed into one of the best airports in the world – Singapore Changi Airport […]

City Planning Exhibition Hall

Background of the project Application requirements City planning exhibition hall is generally divided into the overall planning area, special planning area, historical exhibition area, cultural tourism area, publicity interactive area, the exhibition hall video display system includes a large Video wall splicing display system, projection fusion interactive sand table system, 3D projection fusion display System, […]

Integration with Video Conferencing System

Background of the project Application requirements The meeting and monitoring integration, give full play to the monitoring system of video monitoring capabilities, while the use of video conferencing to strengthen the system emergency command capabilities, through putting the monitoring video into the video conference, and to achieve Internet control between video conferencing and monitoring system, […]

Media industry solutions

Background of the project Application requirements A full-media audio and video control system is a wide range of business, including video conferencing systems, video wall control system , Audio processing system, projection fusion system, centralized control system. The system needs to inter-operate the sub-systems, centralized control, improve the coordination ability of each subsystem, complete the […]

Energy industry solutions

Background of the project Application requirements Oil and petrochemical industry, is a kind of upstream and downstream relations, close industrial chain, covering oil and gas exploration, oil field production, oil refining, oil and gas regulation, oil sales and other business, the business requirements interlocking, coordination Operation, but there is a big difference in the business […]

Public Security Solutions

Background of the project Application requirements Public Security Traffic Command Center relies on a number of business departments and a number of professional branches with the linkage, scientific integration of street police, enhance the ability to control comprehensively, combat all kinds of criminal activities effectively , rapidly deal with emergencies, maintaining social stability. The public […]

Meteorological Solutions

Background of the project Application requirements In order to improve the efficiency of the meteorological work conference between the business units in the meteorological department and enhance the ability of coordinating in the office, a Bureau of Meteorology plans to upgrade the original video wall display system comprehensively, to achieve the interaction among the video […]

Traffic Control Solution

Background of the project Application requirements Traffic management video integrated platform use the most advanced modern communications, multimedia networks, computers, automation and other theories and new technologies, use GIS geographic information system as a support, the communication system as a link, integrated the overall management information system, video monitoring system, Scheduling system and other organic […]