Tricolor is the world’s leading supplier of professional audio and video surveillance products and solutions. It is committed to providing leading customers in all sectors of the world with deep audio and video transmission technology and network codecs and storage expertise. Of the monitoring products and solutions and professional services.

Adhering to the “Chun De Zhong Xin” business philosophy to become a world-class enterprise for the mission, determined to become respected, the world’s leading audio and video industry leader, and bring value to society.

Development of Tricolor Technology Co.,LTD

Since the establishment in 2011, Tricolor has provided lots of audio and video solutions for the government, military, public security, transportation, finance, energy, large enterprises and other social customers, product covers signal switching, image stitching, central control, visualization platform and others. The In 2014, the company has become a solution supplier for nearly 4,000 projects each year, has become a state-level high-tech enterprise with annual sales of nearly 200 million.

The main products through the United States UL, the United States FCC, the European Union CE, China CCC, RoHS, military safety certification, to provide customers with green solutions to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

In mainland China 26 cities set up offices and after-sales service stations, in the offshore investment in the establishment of the United States, the United Kingdom two subsidiaries. Chunzhong technology products and solutions have been applied in more than 20 countries and regions, in major projects played an extremely important role.

The rise of developing Asia markets has been a major component which had led to the reversal of the great divergence between the advanced and developing economies that began with the industrial revolution. Tricolor decided expand business to Singapore and seek it as an opportunity for company to growth the business.

Business Vision

FOR PRODUCT: to provide quality products and services on a global scale, to lead and meet people’s needs;

FOR PARTNERS: with customers and suppliers to create a long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win network;

FOR MANUFACTURE: to become a highly efficient, fine, and has a strong execution of the enterprise;

FOR EMPLOYEES: to create a good working environment, to stimulate them to become the best of their own;

FOR PROFITS: carefully remember all of our responsibilities, the greatest degree of long-term returns for shareholders.